Tomb of Thunder

version 1.02b
-Fixed holes in tot1 as well as both an ogre and enforcer teleporting at the same time, killing each other
-Fixed lamps in the south east section blocking a jump through a gap in tot2, as well as fixing a hole in the final area
-Prettified the entrance to the optional area in tot2

same download link as always
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Oh by the way, I should point this out; All maps are shotgun startable. It's hard sure but it's doable.
Every map has sufficent weapon progression for them to get beaten. Like in map 4, the main stair shaft gives you access to the shotcycler, grenade launcher, and chaingun, (and nailgun on level 1 if you're willing to get through an extra room to the right, and
the railgun also if you took entrance B
) which gives you a good enough start IMO.
map 5 gives you access to the shotcycler, grenade launcher, chaingun pretty early, with
the rocket launcher as soon as you activate the portals if you go back to the first portal area
Many thanks for this release @aDaya - I've left a long review but thought I'd post a couple of issues here:

1. In TOT4A, you can enter the room in the screenshot, wake the monsters up and back out through the door before it locks shut, locking you out.
2. IN TOT2, there is a small shortcut lift with a nailgun on, that is presumably a toggleable func_door. When the lift is raised, you cannot reach the lower button, which makes it not great as a shortcut (I fell off the pipe at the top and couldn't use the lift to get back up); it might make more sense to have the lower button in front the lift and only activate the button once the player picks up the nailgun.


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I thank you guys for the feedback you're giving, it's very valuable to polish it and making it the best experience. The rough state it was released in was because I wasn't able to find playtesters, so please bear with me on this one.
While I have been busy starting to work on the standalone game, it shouldn't be too much work for me to make fixes and updates.

I am thinking about making a 1.03 version with co-op play available, alongside fixes, so stay tuned for that one.
aDaya updated Tomb of Thunder with a new update entry:

Tomb of Thunder Update v1.03 (now with co-op!)

Tomb of Thunder has been updated to version 1.03:

-Added co-op support
-Removed the spin-up sequence for the Chaingun in order to make it a proper panic fast firing weapon, while making the full stop sequence if the trigger isn't held while spinning down last a bit longer.
-Modifications for tot4:
*Added details
*Instead of 6 gold keys, there is 3 gold keys & 3 silver keys, where the way to get them is color coded much like in tot3, in order to make navigation...

Read the rest of this update entry...
"Instead of 6 gold keys, there is 3 gold keys & 3 silver keys, where the way to get them is color coded much like in tot3, in order to make navigation better. Due to this the way to find a specific secret has been slightly altered."

Right, but the message is still:
Requires 6 gold keys to unlock

i really like this mod. but after update to 1.03, the button to open the alternative exit in tot4c still says "access denied" even when i pressed the button in the control room behind the security glass saying "access to restricted aread granted". i think the restricted area still requires a silver keycard (and i dont have one left at this stage )? i have 11 of 13 secrets at this point, the alternate exit would be 12, so there is a rare chance that i missed an additional silver key card ? . and for me, all 3 versions of TOT4 have the same starting point in 1.03 (as it was for tot4a in previous versions). in the first version, tot4b and tot4c startet in the vents/shafts
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aDaya updated Tomb of Thunder with a new update entry:

Tomb of Thunder update v1.032

-Added a guide for all the campaign's secrets in the game files.

-on tot3:
*The doors leading to their respective keys lock players behind once they enter the respective silver/gold key region so players don't backtrack needlessly.
-on tot4:
*Changed a secret on level 2's gold key region to be a bit more explicit.
-on tot7:
*Fixed a faulty secret related to silver doors, which now only display a common message.

Download link is the same.

Read the rest of this update entry...
Maybe this is a beginner's question, so excuse.

I can't proceed in tot5, the cave in the screenshot doesn't open.
There's blinking light, but at the end it's closed.

Update v1.032, as new installation of cause.
QS 0.96.2.
Skill 0, as mostly.

In a former version I had entered tot5 and played on.
( But then installed the update and began again from the beginning, because I like the episode so much, and some details are more easy now. )

Is it my fault, did I miss something to hack or press or shoot? Or is it really a mistake?

Btw, I checked

and in this video the cave is open.


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You're right, that might've come from a recent update where I added co-op play, where I got mixed up with triggers. That's an easy fix.
Also like a total idiot I forgot to put the secrets guide 🙈