Quake: Mjölnir

I have asked Trony on QD about the full release, and this is what he said:

"I guess August 1 was a bit ambitious, unfortunately team members including myself still haven't been available much (busy with work and the place I'm living in is a ridiculous shithole so I need to deal with that), so I currently estimate it will be simply WITHIN August, that seems more reasonable. There will be a full showcase video trailer with the full release. And for those who found mj4m6, As Above So Below by mfx & IronLizard (by whatever means) its music is meant to be track18 but (my fault) that is not set correctly even in patch1, so for the ideal experience (this of course will be fixed in the full release) when playing mj4m6 bring down the console and type "music track18" (enter)."

Link: https://www.quaddicted.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=8231#p8231
Fellas, i require some aid in rebinding the special weapons
I cant rebind the bow or the wand for some reason
im trying BIND X "IMPULSE 0" for the wand and i get nothing
Im using ironwail
Mjolnir Patch 1 is out to be applied to existing download overwriting the existing files. Added to the main post but I'll also link it here. A new full version with patch applied is still uploading for those who haven't yet downloaded it if they wanted to wait a few-hours/a-day.

Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11F9WcIeDSZxsevQjdEC9d5e64cqJ3e7u/view?usp=drivesdk

Thank you for your patience and the Mjolnir team hopes you enjoy the pack!
Does this patch fix the issue with weapon switching and lack of ammo on some maps?
I really hope you haven't given up on this release. It's rough around the edges as it currently stands, but I'm sure there are many gems among the maps you still have to publish.
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I got to subbase and I quit. I couldn't find an exit anywhere. Some really good ideas and environments, let down by useless space (you travel so far for nothing) and constantly killing the same enemies. Nothing is really sign posted properly. There is also so much health and ammunition available to pick up on skill 3. It could be so much better if you tidied up the maps, broke up some of the lines and filled some of the empty areas. You should keep working on it - it has a great foundation. But its lacking right now, and isn't really very fun. Also the environment can be so confusing - so many banks of consoles and so on and you have to double check you didn't miss a vital button that allows progress.

put this back in the oven m8!
Firerate upgrade stacks, and the second stack ruins multi-stage weapons like fire scimitar and the like, preventing them from firing off their next attack looping the first attack instead, Blizzard sphere never does ligtning, etc...
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