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Jun 30, 2023
Motorboy submitted a new resource:

QuaddictedTool - A utility for viewing and downloading maps from the quaddicted.com website

Utility for viewing and downloading maps from the quaddicted.com website.

You can add colored labels, comments, an alternative description (you can use it for your notes, for example) to each map-mod.
Ability to sort the database by name, title, size, author, date, rating.
Ability to search by name, title, author, tag. Possibility of searching in comments.

Automatic translation of describtion of maps and mods through Google Translator.
Languages of translation: Spanish, Italian, German...

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Sometimes I have stupid ideas like this:
- download all maps/mods from Quaddicted,
- buy Blu-Ray recorder, 100GB M-Disc disk (25GB are better for storing important data, but this would be only a backup of what's already on Internet) or two,
- buy DVD case (maybe bulk of 30 just in case so it is cheaper),
- print cover for DVD case (with info that's not for sale), maybe booklet inside, own Blu-Ray disk cover (there are disks sold with blank covers that special printers can put something there, another solution is to buy printable stickers, but heard that they might fall off while spinning).
And probably add 1 DVD every year with updates. Probably I'd add there some engines, configs and music and other things as an any archivist would do. But then moddb...

// For writing custom launcher this is an interesting idea: https://github.com/adbrt/cb-legacy-dev
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