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Feb 16, 2022
If you think about mapping enough, you'll inevitably come across a phrase or sentence that would work surprisingly well as the title of a Quake map, but not have the right map to give it to. This is a place to post all of your unused potential map titles, serious or silly, for others to use. Let it be known if you're using a title posted in this thread to minimise releases with duplicate titles.
I actually have seperate .txt for map names. Here is the list of better ones, all unused (my England is bad so there might be mistakes):

  • At The Heart Of Embers
  • Never and Nowhere
  • Killing Factor
  • Tomb of the Giants
  • Bullet Exchange
  • House of Judgement
  • Shadows in Your Head
  • The Split
  • Ghost in The Circuit
  • Behind The Sky
  • A World with Teeth
  • Apitite for Destruction
  • Infirmatorium
  • The End of Suffering
Just thought of Slipgate Slip-Up, but I suspect that's been used somewhere. Oh wow, just realized this is an old thread.

Makkon mentioned wanting to do a liminal spaces jam. I thought of The In-Between as a reference to the meaning of "liminal" while also being something indefinite (it's not something that conjures up any specific imagery).
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First it Giveth, and then it Quaketh Away
Adventure Time with Finn and Quake (for a smej thing? idk lol)
Baby Got a Tummy Quake
I'll Have My Quake Well Done

Basically, anything that rhymes with Quake, replace it with Quake.
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