Categorization of Resources: Maps vs Mods

There are a lot of ways that we have been discussing on how we should categorize releases. What exactly constitutes something being in the Mods category vs the Maps category?

We've decided that for now, and for the foreseeable future, we will be placing any and all releases that use their own game directory in your Quake folder under the Mods category (things like Alkaline or The Forgotten Nightmare)

Free floating maps that are either id1 or have a mod dependency (like 37th Relic Retrieval or Unused Jam) will be categorized under maps, as they do not come with their own directory. They are placed in a pre-existing game folder that you should already have.

It is necessary for us to place a hard line in the sand as to what is considered a mod vs not. It is a huge waste of time and effort to try and judge on a case-by-case basis what goes where based off of completely subjective standards (does this release change enough to be considered a mod?).

Hopefully this will also create a healthy balance of listings displayed on the frontpage as well. Game Folder releases typically come out at a slower pace than the free-floating map here and there, and their slower release schedule is also typically because they are more content rich in one way or another. Having an innate way to showcase bigger projects like this on the front page without them getting drowned out as quickly is a win-win.
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Aug 30, 2022
its very simple, if a map or map pack contain a progs.dat then its a mod, any other levels that need that progs.dat fall under that and thus are expansions to that mods, and then you can catalog it further, by divided everything SP or MP, when it comes to items like A373317 Phased Pulse Cannon (
so the above falls under mod list, its modification level fall under PC (partial conversion), and can be played in both SP/MP, is contains a very simple weapons models replacement along with 5 sound fx and progs.dat.