1. P

    The Fortress of Doom 1.5

    A vanilla Quake map set in an early medieval structure, the final stronghold of the forces of evil here on Earth. The Fortress of Doom Trailer
  2. zigi

    The Spiritworld 1.0

    The Spiritworld is a singleplayer & co-op episode inspired by the fourth episode (the Elder World). It has 7 mainline maps, 3 secret maps, a start map and an end map with a new boss. All maps by Newhouse & zigi. It also comes with a new soundtrack featuring tracks by Immorpher, BouncyTEM and...
  3. alexUnder Ros

    Thirteen Tombs of the Brilliant Dynasty 1.04

    Xmas 2022 Jam late entry. Medieval dark fantasy castle in frozen lands with haunted crypt. Tangibly harder than vanilla, but searching for secrets would make things drastically easier. NOTICE: It's recommended to play it first on Normal. Hard is intended for more challenging replay, when you...
  4. Mazu

    Awoken Madness 1.0

    My first vanilla Quake map release in 2018. Very long exploration adventure with a lot of traps and combat encounters in arenas. This map was made side by side watching dumptrucks tutorials and trenchbroom open. Some funky stats: Monsters: easy 189, normal 283, hard 373 Secrets: 20 Build time...