1. spootnik

    Info Player Start: A Dope (Challenge) Map 1.01

    A quick map I made with some small challenges. No changes across skills, apart from the automatic changes in skill 3. Requires Copper 1.30 (not included). Just throw the .bsp and .lit into your Copper (1.30) "maps" folder and launch map dope1 via console. (I recommend not saving mid-map...
  2. Colossus

    Forsaken 1.2

    Forsaken is the first Quake map I ever made, I want to start archiving my maps on slipseer so I figured I'd move it over here. Forsaken was designed to be a combat challenge map, so expect to die a few times on skill 2 & skill 3, gameplay is very combat heavy with a high monster count. The map...