Enjoyable map! The attention to mood and detail is top-notch.

Movement in the arena fight was fiddly... not too bad, but a bit of a minus for the experience.

I appreciated that you had a little denouement after the fight. It really wraps things up and makes the map feel like a complete little story.
A really consummate Arcane Dimensions map: intrinsically scripted & literate, effects perfectly in line with style, a consistent high level of geometric detail matching new models. Everything feels cosy & tight — including an arena that needs more than autopilot strafing to dodge obstacles and find cover.
Very solid effort making a nice short map. Challenge was pretty interesting with resource management, but respawning ammo can backfire where you just sit there collecting ammo forever.

Details and the whole looks of the map are really cool. Only problem that comes from this detail level is that walking around the arena can get you stuck which doesn't feel great in gameplay.

Set pieces and things that happen in environment are nice.