Tempus is the Ignis

This level looks and plays amazing. It really shows just how powerful Alkaline's new enemy sandbox is. I love the challenge in this level. Every fight felt like a fight for survival, and ammo was never scarce. I was less worried about ammo and more so worried about the combat at hand. This map is really well made. My only complaint is like one awkward jump to get the blue key but eveyrthing else is superb.
It's not avarage map. It's easily much-much more fun & intricate. It's very fun even for beginner on Easy. I perceive it as boss battle - cool boss battle without actual single boss and that's what I love about it
Maybe it's a lil bit too same rhythm all the way. Absolutely non stop battle. I am veteran HL player, not Quake or Doom player, and more used to discrit varied gameplay. But that's just personal preferences... idonno. To me the map was super fun
Good fun here! Very challenging rooms, filled to the brim with different types of enemies. If you know your way around a Quake battle, and are familiar with the Alkaline roster, it should take more than a few good tries to get through a room. Be sure to quick save.

My biggest concerns with the map are just lighting. A bit too dark in areas, and the buttons in the first room could be lower and more obvious. Aside from that, I had a great time. Thanks!