Quake Champions Classic

Bug Fixes

  • Big John can exit the water now. The fix required making his hitbox slightly shorter, matching the same height as Scalebearer and Sorlag. Removed water checks for slow champs in the QCC Pre/Post Think functions since they were meant to try to fix this issue.
  • Added a condition for the Big John bots that will hopefully fix their ability useage.
  • Big John now only calls out his own name when you swap to him at the start of a match.
  • Cleaned up Big John Big Gun view model animation.
Quake Champions Classic reaches Version 10, featuring two new champions, a new arena, a new music track, and more!

Located within the Dimension of the Doomed, realm of Goroth, this arena is ready to incinerate any who lapse in their environmental awareness. Supports Deathmatch, Horde Mode and bots, and features the new music track "Sire of Embers", a cover of Chris Vrenna's "Goroth" from Quake Champions.

Bring on the fireworks with the cyborg demolitionist Keel. Launch special multi-grenades that burst into a shower of mini-grenades over your enemies. Quickly restock your grenades by collecting ammo boxes to keep the explosions coming.

Channel your inner-Austrian might with Big John, a hardened soldier endlessly seeking a warrior's death. Unleash a big barrage of big bullets with Big John's Big Gun and send your foes scattering as they fire ineffectually at you. Ready the Big Gun more quickly by ending your onslaught early to conserve ammunition or reload with the ammo boxes around the map.

For the full list of updates, please see the Change Log on GitHub.

Quake Champions Classic Version 9 is here, and with it 2 more champions, a complete documentation overhaul, and plenty of fixes.

Take control of the air as the cyborg hoverboarder Anarki. Use your Injection for a quick boost to get you through the fight.

Get low and slide through as the nimble Slash. Dazzle your opponents with a brilliant display of your Plasma Trail as it consumes the Arena around them.

For a full list of changes, see the Change Log on GitHub.
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  • Added Scalebearer.
  • Added Sorlag.
  • Added Dissolution of Eternity support. Use xpax.bat for ease of copying over the required data.
  • Added Linux shell script "xpax.sh" written by Slipseer community member plague_spreader
  • Players now drop their possessed powerups when they die (Quad, Pentagram, and Ring only).
  • Quad, Pentagram, and Ring now have 90 second delays before their first spawn in Deathmatch, then 120 seconds between spawns afterward.
  • Added flag to allow Quad <-> Pentagram respawn swaps when collected (collect Quad, respawns as Pent, collect Pent, respawns as Quad).
  • Pentagram no longer provides invulnerability; instead it reduces damage by 2/3rds.
  • Horde Mode: Added 5% Horn of Conjuring, 10% Empathy Shield, 10% Power Shield, 5% Anti-Gravity Belt chances to Powerup Drop.
  • Horde Mode: Changed Pentagram drop rate from 25% to 30%. Quad drop rate lowered from 75% to 40%.
  • Lightning Gun now does 13 * cell ammo when fired in the water. It's technically less damage, but still almost 2000.
  • Nyx Invis time lowered to roughly 3 seconds (mistakenly set higher).
  • Doom Slayer Berserk time lowered to roughly 5 seconds (mistakenly set higher).
  • Doom Slayer Berserk movement speed increased to 500 UPS.
  • Commander Keen's Pogo Stick is a bit easier to navigate with.
  • Added black bearded Intruder skin.
  • Added gib skins for Intruder. Gibs now correspond with current player model skin.
  • Fix: Reworked Obituary cross-engine compatibility, setting appropriate .killstring, and .deathtype fields based on extension support.

Now requires both Scourge of Armagon and Dissolution of Eternity installed. Use xpax.bat to copy the required pak files into the QCC folder. See the readme for details!
  • Fix: Running out of ammo with Commander Keen should no longer throw a runaway loop.
  • Fix: Gremlins shouldn't be able to steal Champion Abilities. They couldn't use them anyway, but better safe than sorry.
  • Added Commander Keen.
  • Added Scourge of Armagon support / requirement. Use xpax.bat for ease of copying over the required data.
  • Added Class Speed Differences. This is the start of adding different movement options for certain champions.
  • New console background.
  • Added Ruby Nyx and Trans Ally Duke skins.
  • Some gibs now have multiple skins. Currently Nyx and Commander Keen.
  • Weapon Wheel now supports the Railgun, Laser Cannon, and Proximity Gun (Mjolnir will be added at a future date).
  • Status Bar Ranger Face replaced with "generic" Health Symbol.
  • Weapons now give ammo according to current Quake Champions rules:
    • If max ammo is 25, give 10 if below 10, otherwise give 5
    • If max ammo is 150, give 100 if below 100, otherwise give 10
  • Ammo Boxes now give ammo based upon current Quake Champions rules:
    • If max ammo is 25, give 5 for small and 10 for big
    • If max ammo is 150, give 25 for small and 50 for big
  • Green and Yellow Armors now spawn in as Light Armors (+50). Red Armor now spawns in as Heavy Armor (+100, overstacks). Respawn times set to 30 seconds.
  • Added Armorshards. They get thrown by players on death in multiplayer, and by certain enemies.
  • Armor now absorbs a flat 67% of damage. No more varying absorption rates.
  • Champion Classes now affect starting and maximum armor values.
  • Champions with a special jump ability now assign it to qccJumpFunc. This avoids a huge conditional check in the Client Jump function.
  • Resized and tilted all champ head gibs to be more in line with the default player gib.
  • Horde Mode now has a 33% chance to spawn hourglasses, 50% chance to spawn Health, and ~17% chance to spawn the new Light Armor.
  • Added Horde condition to Hourglass pickup.
  • Ending music changed to Quake Main Theme.
  • Ranger's Dire Orb now has Quad Glow.
  • Ranger should more consistently warp inside enemies that have been Orbed. Still needs more testing.
  • Nyx's Ghost Walk now prevents item pickup.
  • Nyx's Ghost Walk no longer shows Quad / Pentagram glow while active.
  • Cthon can now be telefragged. He is still impervious to other weapons.
  • Railgun now only replaces one Rocket Launcher if there are more than 1 in a Deathmatch map.
  • Ability Ready sounds will now only play for the player and not the world if the engine supports "localsound". Otherwise, fall back to previous behavior.
  • Abilities can now have a variable cost. This will allow for things like Keel having 3 grenades or Athena having 2 grapples. Currently only used for Commander Keen. The 20 second Dire Orb will not be making a return, sadly.
  • Health overstack now carries over to the next map in SP and Coop.
  • Refactored Bot ability use code. You probably won't notice.
  • FGD updated to support Scourge of Armagon, Dimension of the Machine, and new Quake Champions Classic items.
  • Fix: Champions can now be selected properly after changing maps in a server.
  • Fix: Railgun will now only replace a Rocket Launcher at the start of a map.
  • Fix: Locked buttons now display the correct required key. Plays locked sound again.
  • Fix: Weapons in multiplayer now only trigger their targets the first time they are picked up. This was a missed line when porting over MG1 QC code. This should resolve the Cthon fight issues at the end of Dimension of the Machine and potentially any other coop weapon trigger issues.
  • Fix: Horde mode used to not spawn rotten healths because of a missing else conditional. Fixed this after the rotten health->hourglass swap.
  • Fix: Abilities will no longer weapon lock you when changing levels while an ability is active. Should also fix some respawn bugs, too.
  • Fix: Connected players now increments, allowing coop item code to work.
Who he was before is insignificant... Who he is now is inconceivable... The Intruder from beneath DUSK has entered the Arena Eternal! Reap your enemies with the twin sickles and hold tight to your Fast Fire Totem as you unleash an onslaught against those in your way.

New horrors await: Dimension of the Past, Dimension of the Machine, and Horde Mode are now supported!


  • Added the Intruder from DUSK. Don't tell David.
  • Added Champion Select Menu for Rerelease. You activate the menu the same way as cycling through champions. Falls back on old behavior when using other engines. Unfortunately this is not feasible for skins, due to the number of impulse commands that would be required.
  • Consolidated everything into the Rerelease QC files. Every sprint, bprint, and centerprint call now has backwards compatibility with the old string formatting. A little painful to implement, but eases the development A LOT. Fewer QC files to maintain, and adds the possibility of adding language support for Rerelease in the future more easily.
  • Added Dimension of the Machine and Horde Mode support. Dimension of the Past supported by default. A batch file is included to assist with this.
  • Added Ranger + Nyx ability telefrag messages. They don't seem to work properly yet though, I'll have to straighten that out next update.
  • Remapped QCC impulses due to how the Rerelease Champion Menu needed to be implemented. Be sure to update your key binds!
  • Shub Speaks! upon seeing a player.
  • Player Gibs now have a new BodyQueue system to support the Intruder. This potentially doubles the amount of corpses in play.
  • Nyx Ghostwalk color shift is BLUE now.
  • Doom Slayer has less blood in his eyes when going Berserk.
  • Added Railgun to Rerelease Weapon Wheel. Currently uses Lightning Gun icon.
  • Fix: Ranger Bots should more frequently warp to their orb if a potential enemy is close enough to it (32u).
  • Fix: Skins now appropriately wrap through the individual champion's available skins. Ring of Shadows and Nyx's Invis now use skin 0, then set the skin back once visible again. No more endless console complaints!
  • Fix: Duke Nukem no longer has the ability to start talking underwater. Probably. If he starts talking moments before hopping into the water, he'll continue to. I'll fix that next update. Probably.
  • Final boss in Dimension of the Machine seems to have scripting issues when playing in Coop. This may be a wider issue for coop. Currently works in Single Player.
  • Horde Mode Lock Buttons will print the wrong key type, but still require the correct key type.
These issues are likely fixable. Will look into it next update.
  • Added Railgun. Multiple DM maps either had rocket launchers replaced or a railgun added. Every id1 episode has 1 railgun to find. Recommended bind: bind r impulse 109
  • Added Bot Support. Bots will randomize Champion picks and skins. They will also use the new Railgun and their Abilities when they feel appropriate. They may still have some bugs, but seemed to test fine as of version 5's release.
  • Added alternate skins for Death Knight.
  • Ranger and Duke Nukem now have Green Skins. Doom Slayer will retain his Green Skin when on Green Team in Team Deathmatch.
  • Fix: Kill command in multiplayer no longer crashes the game. The issue was the "set_suicide_frame" method checking for a specific player MDL. Now it just checks if the model is the Champ Gib model.
  • Fix: Current Champions should no longer exit Abilities early or get stuck in them.


Fixed Shub-Niggurath crash upon sight. The game tries to call built-in think methods when a monster has an enemy that Shub wasn't designed with. Wrote a new isolated "sight" function specifically for Shub. Could be optimized more for sure if she's used in any custom maps, but will perform just fine for the final vanilla map.

Known Bug: using the "Kill" command in Rerelease multiplayer will crash the game. I think I might be able to fix this. For now, just don't use "Kill" in Rerelease MP.
  • Added Duke Nukem
  • Added Ability and Melee Weapon specific kill messages
  • Shub now looks for players before going into standard idle. This allows player reactions upon "seeing" her.
  • Fix: Skins now properly change and are maintained across deaths
  • Fix: Weapon autoswaps, weapon + ammo pickups no longer switch away from active abilities


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