Gameplay Mod HorrorScope

Mods that only include changes to gameplay, but no maps of their own. Usually to be played with community Vanilla maps.
This package is divided into 2 parts:

HorrorScope - On the fly cameras plugin for Quake mods, a standalone .qc file that is condensed and intended to be embedded into mods.

- and -

A mod to showcase the HorrorScope cameras.

The package contains example cameras and is (hopefully) commented well enough that users will find it simple to build custom cameras into their own mods.

Features include:
* Auto camera position finding
* Tracking to keep the selected entity centered in frame
* Register when selected entity is no longer in frame
* Auto zoom

I wanted a straightforward system for moving the players view to another entity and back again on demand. I can imagine this plugin might be used to create in-game cut scenes and for making interesting demos or trailers, but the door is wide open for creativity so maybe your implementation will be entirely different.

Check out the demos
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Oct 5, 2023
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Amazing work. I was not expecting how well this mod "works out of the box".
hey, great to see its worked well for you! HorrorScope plugin has many possible appcations, im so curious to know what you've used this for...