Announcing Dwell, a brand new four episode "megapak" mod project that is currently under construction.
Episode 1 is available now, with the others coming soon!


- Four Episodes featuring varied and unique themes.
- 4 custom bosses, one for each episode.
- Brand new monsters to face, including many returning from other Quake worlds.
- New weapons to hunt down and utilize.
- Complete custom soundtrack by Alekswithak.
- Support for up to 4 player co-op.
- Based on the brilliant [Copper] gameplay mod by Lunaran.
- Episodic release - Get it while it's hot!


Following the destruction of the hideous Shub-Niggurath, you scoured infinite dimensions, a guardian against her deep-rooted rot. Decades passed, and with the whispers slowly subsiding, you were finally laid to rest. A shallow, fitful slumber awaited you for the rest of your days.
That was until now. Being rustled from your rest, the voices whisper yet again. A new god has tangled its tendrils in your reality, constructing legions to its side to reanimate their respective long-dead gods, elements of life itself taken and twisted to their will, all in the hope he shall return to a physical form to consume yet another reality.
You must yet again become the guardian, to take down what dwells beneath...


Fairweather - Project Lead, Level Design
Alekswithak - Lead Composer
Khreathor - QuakeC, 3D Models
Danz - 3D Models, Sounds, Textures
Markie Music - Level Design, Sounds, Music, Textures
JCR - Level Design, Sounds
Greenwood - Level Design, Textures
Maksim "VoidForce" Maksimov - Level Design, Textures
Henry "h4724" Ambrose - Level Design
PoolboyQ - Level Design
Pinchy - Level Design
Mazu - Level Design

Somewhere inbetween... by Markie and Fairweather
Into the Myoid by PoolboyQ
Duet with Duat by Greenwood
Under a Funeral Moon by VoidForce
Arrivée de L'étranger by Fairweather
Vestigial by JCR
That Which Can Eternal Lie by Henry
Within The Flayed Kingdom by Markie
Darkstar Triumvirate by Pinchy
Prescience Overload by Mazu


To install you will need;
  • A copy of Quake
  • A supported source port (see below)
To install, use [7Zip] (or a similar program) to unzip the file and put the "dwellv1" folder in the same directory as the "id1" folder, run your selected source port and enter the following into the console "game dwellv1" without quotations, hit tab and hit enter. Enjoy!


  • A modified Quake engine with increased limits, transparency support and BSP2 support is required, we recommend [QuakeSpasm Spiked].
  • Also tested for compatibility in [FTE], [MarkV], [VkQuake] and [QuakeSpasm].
  • Darkplaces has major map-breaking issues and is not recommended.
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Oct 1, 2022
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4.78 star(s) 9 ratings

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Latest reviews

I've been playing through this the past few days. The textures are beautiful. And the levels are well made. I highly recommend you play this! :)
I've enjoyed Dwell overall, though I wish the encounters were as good as the environments which house them. When you touch something important you know you're getting an ambush wall of meat to drain all of your resources. I don't know if the level of ammo rationing I faced towards the end of the mod is intentional, or just a result of the enemy count on harder difficulties.

All in all, I'd definitely say it's worth a play.
If I had to choose just one single favourite project for Quake, among all of them AD, Alk, Rubicon, UDOB, PUN... all of them! that would be Dwell. To me it feels like self-contained game. Total conversion at the very least. It is still Quake, it feels & plays normally, but evolved in every aspect.

The most notable & invaluable thing is environmental storytelling - it's best among anything you ever seen done for Quake. Every single map here is with its own story and all of them are readable by just observing the surroundings. And, damn, the story of Dwell is frightening! True mystic lovecraftian horror with bits of SiFi and Dark Fantasy (Very dark fantasy). All in all visually evrything is accenting story bits not details for details, and I admire & respect that alone

As for gameplay it's extremely varied here. Some encounters are extremely brutal due to being very enclosed, some are vice versa lazy sniper shootouts from afar. Sometimes it's fast paced encounter that ends in seconds, sometimes it's prolongated encounter with stages & unexpected waves. Most of times encounters aren't bland, not just enter and shoot, nope. Most of times encounters are well-thought out and carefully predefined (in a good way). If you up for secrets than you will be rewarded with puzzles head scratching - secrets aren't easy in here (while there're some kindergarten secrets of course), some feel like mini games

All in all it's not just mod, just game. It's an experience. Immersive & memorable. More of that experience you would want to go thru more & more - yep, replayability is all here

1001 stars out of 5
Phenomenally crafted, Dwell (part 1) is a visual feast. Very consistently high quality with good detailing and artistic vision. Overall feel is like vanilla+ (similar to id1 with necessary and suitable enhancements) which goes very fittingly with the detailed visuals. An excellent pack and source of inspiration.
Wow! Dwell, as of the Episode 1 release, is a journey well worth taking. It presents a series of large and extremely well constructed maps, each dripping with Lovecraftian themes — from open-air ruins and blood-fueled temples to amorphous eldritch flesh and spires floating in the void. What may really catch your attention though is the swell of location appropriate music, especially given its Egyptian flair. My only real complaint is an over reliance on horde-style encounters, but that is obviously personal preference. Regardless, I can't wait for Episode 2!