Collection of 60+ test maps for Arcane Dimensions 1.8 aimed at level designers who want to know how the new features work. Be warned this is blockout visuals and uncluttered setups.

Test Map(s) Description

New vania items
test_artifact_airtank : Player takes no damage from being in water
test_artifact_blastbelt : Player does not take splash damage
test_artifact_jboots : Player can do (1-4) extra jumps
test_artifact_lavashield : Player takes no HP/armour damage from lava

New large systems
test_custom_hud : All items that affect the HUD layouts
test_passivestate : Switching monster passive states
test_randomizer : Chaos System setup and item changes
test_grapplehook : large playground for the grapple hook
test_intermission_cam : Shows fog/skyfog/skybox changes
test_misc_camera : New cinematic camera system

breakables and knights
test_breakable_pot : New breakble model system (spawning/monsters)
test_breakable_exceptions : Showing breakable events (explosive/jump)
test_bal_knights : All new knight skins/poses for ad_tears map

Misc entities
test_misc_model : New model stuff (skin/animation/rotation/pathing)
test_misc_mangle : Different ways to rotate misc_models
test_gibfountain : Model/gib spawning system from Zer mod
test_marshlight : Extended Sprite/model entity from Quoth
test_corpse_model : All corpse models from Quoth with gib system
test_fading_bmodel : New ways to fade func_wall/illusionary bmodels

Item/func updates
test_ammo_weapons : All ammo/weapons with different skins
test_item_progression : How to setup item progression system
test_light_static : New static defaults for light models
test_light_styles : How to change/modify light styles
test_mapvar_portals : Using map varables across map loads
test_part_trail : New particle trails on func_trains
test_pg_upgrade : Changes to the Plasma Gun against Shamblers
test_switch_shadow : Switchable shadows for breakables
test_angletarget : New way to move func bmodels in any direction
test_door_elevator : New platform/lift type using func_doors
test_func_train : New extra features for func_trains
test_hazard_dmg : Changes to map hazards via worldspawn
test_playerfall : Changes to players (fall speed/dmg)
test_playerhpmax : Changes to player max HP/Mega + steelclaw

New/existing monsters
test_monster_chthon3 : Different puzzle kill for Chthon
test_monster_deflector : From Zer Mod, Enforcer with shield
test_monster_dprince : Floor hazard Death Knight
test_monster_floyd : Old faithful from Rubicon2 mod
test_monster_judicator : New boss from Bal with wave attacks
test_monster_justice : New heavy knight from Bal
test_monster_minotaur : New minotaur varieties
test_monster_nour : New boss setups and attack balance
test_monster_rocketeer : New rocket steering system
test_monster_tarbaby : Different styles and explosion checks

Monster related functions
test_sightgroup : Way to sync a group of monsters together
test_monster_pathing : Ability to switch monster pathing
test_trigger_monsterjump : New changes to monster jump triggers
test_trigger_monsterkill : More ways to kill monsters via scripting
test_trigger_health : Trigger events on monsters based on % hp

New/existing triggers
test_trigger_give : Way to give items to the player
test_trigger_gravity : Server/entity gravity system
test_trigger_ladder : New ladder system (push velocity)
test_trigger_push : New ways to direct the push angle
test_trigger_relay : New toggle/loop functionality
test_trigger_fog : New Fog density ranges
test_trigger_skyfog : New fog system (r_skyfog)
test_trigger_takeartifact : Remove artifacts from player (for boss fights)
test_trigger_teleport : New teleporter types (projectile/instant)
test_trigger_teleport2 : More teleporter examples with monster
test_trigger_teleport3 : Showing the new instant teleporter
test_trigger_timer : Scoreboards and timers for special events
test_trigger_velocity : Triggers based on weapons and player velocity
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Thanks so much for posting this.
Invaluable pack. It's much easier to understand how things actually work by just looking into playable lil maps. To see keys & values is the easiest way possible for a beginner