1. Night Vision

    STARFIELD 2023-02-03

    Some skyboxes that feature varying levels and patterns of scrolling stars. Origin unknown.
  2. Makkon

    Makkon Skyboxes 1

    Assembled inside of Unreal Engine 5 using the addon Ultra Dynamic Sky, these skyboxes have been exported and formatted for use in quake, at 1k resolution. I plan to update this pack as I make more. Let me know if there's some specific scenarios and colors you'd like to have. Enjoy! Below are...
  3. zigi

    Disposal Of Otherworldly Monsters 1.0

    This is an extended version of my "Quake Builder Community Blockout Project #1" map, it uses SMEJ2 progs which are included in the zip.
  4. sock

    Sock's Skyboxes 2022-07-12

    A backup copy of skyboxes/environment maps made by Simon O'Callaghan, a.k.a. Sock, in 2000-2001. Sock's website is down at the time of this writing, but the skyboxes could be reclaimed with the Wayback Machine. All the zip files contain 6 images (512x512 size), a shader file and some...