1. ThatSpacePirate

    Blue Grenade Launcher 0.2

    Ever felt like the Quake weapons were just a little too brown? Well this is the mod for you! Introducing Blue Grenades, the mod that gives the grenade launcher a beautiful aquamarine paint job. It also changes the grenades to be blue (if you hadn't already noticed). Blue Grenades features...
  2. Bal

    AD Vania Powerup Models 1.0

    Arcane Dimensions Vania Powerup Models These are the models I created for the 4 "Vania Powerups" added to Arcane Dimensions 1.8. Blast Belt (splash-damage protection) Air Tank (water breathing) Jump Boots (double jump) Aegis of Chthon (lava protection) Shout-out goes to @sock for AD, and...
  3. Bal

    Quake Snacks from "Speedmap Snack Pack 2 - Cosmic Hunger" 1

    🍝 Quake Snacks 🍜 Three delicious snacks to keep your energy up during your travels. Featuring : Shalramen Spawnghetti Rotfish & Chips Created by @Fairweather and @Bal. Brainstormed in the Dwelling sometime in 2022. Includes source PSDs in case any texture tweaking is required, feel free...