1. CasualExplorer

    CodeName:_Meiseki_No_Tsubasa 1.0

    Title : CodeName:_Meiseki_No_Tsubasa Filename : CodeName[]_Meiseki_No_Tsubasa.bsp Release date : 03/01/2023 Email Address : CasualExplorer@Mail.com Misc. Author Info : I love tweaking and hacking my hardware, operating...
  2. CasualExplorer

    CodeName:_Itanji_No_Senkai 1.0

    ===================================================================== Quake I/Classic Quake Level for 1 vs 1 Free for All duels. . . ===================================================================== Title : CodeName:_Itanji_No_Senkai Filename ...
  3. CasualExplorer

    The_Grey_Stardust_Zone 1.0

    Mostly grey building materials harmonize with the dark. Prepare for intense close-quarters combat suitable for players of all skill levels. Title: The_Grey_Stardust_Zone Filename: The_Grey_Stardust_Zone.bsp Map Type: DeathMatch(1 vs 1 Free For All) Weapons: Double Barrelled Shotgun; Super...
  4. CommonCold

    The Endeavor 1.0

    As part of the many ships soaring throughout the galaxy in search of valuable resources and hospitable planets, The Endeavor was originally seen as the cream of the crop. Wealthy citizens paid millions to simply be at the launch site on the festivous day. You are among the few unlucky crew, who...
  5. mrfancypants

    Skull Hunt by Zaka 1.0

    A retexture of Zaka's excellent Skull Hunt. I love this map, but wasn't a fan of the Quake III textures used, so I decided to retexture it.
  6. Squid V.

    Temple of Resurrection 1.0

    "A frigid, neglected temple in the far north. Foul magic spirals through the gales of howling wind." A small/medium sized deathmatch level set in and around a frosty, snow covered temple riddled with lethal traps. Also has a rather stinky secret Designed for 2-6 player FFA.