1. CasualExplorer

    CodeName:_Meiseki_No_Tsubasa 1.0

    Title : CodeName:_Meiseki_No_Tsubasa Filename : CodeName[]_Meiseki_No_Tsubasa.bsp Release date : 03/01/2023 Email Address : CasualExplorer@Mail.com Misc. Author Info : I love tweaking and hacking my hardware, operating...
  2. CasualExplorer

    The_Grey_Stardust_Zone 1.0

    Mostly grey building materials harmonize with the dark. Prepare for intense close-quarters combat suitable for players of all skill levels. Title: The_Grey_Stardust_Zone Filename: The_Grey_Stardust_Zone.bsp Map Type: DeathMatch(1 vs 1 Free For All) Weapons: Double Barrelled Shotgun; Super...