1. zigi

    Undiscovered Technology of the Pharaohs 1.0

    Undiscovered Technology of the Pharaohs is a map pack using a new yet unreleased Alkaline devkit. It features 3 egypt/techbase themed maps (start, main map, end). Many secrets to find and a lot to explore, check out the readme for the full story! Trailer :
  2. alexUnder Ros

    Jam Explore Jam 3 1.15

    Pack of non combat maps. Some puzzles, some platforming and a lot of exploration! In comparison with 2 previous jam packs this one is leaning toward walking simulators with a lot of environmental storytelling. Maps were tested extensively on QS, QSS, IW and VK. IW and VK are recommended. Some...
  3. alexUnder Ros

    Explore Jam 3 announcement

    Ranger has tired of infinite battles and decided to visit some peaceful dimensions. Nevertheless boredom is not an option! This time non-combative realms will entertain Ranger with puzzles, traps, tricky movements or simply intriguing story ENDS: 30 April 2023 PROGS: Arcane Dimensions 1.8...
  4. S

    Daugavpils Fortress 1

    Music in video: Three Days Grace - I am machine Are you an explorer? Challenge yourself to find solutions at an open level! Explore the environment inspired by the historical fortress located in Daugavpils, Latvia. This level is my attempt at making Quake an open-world-like experience made in 6...