Temple of Teuthis

Large adventure map spread over various sections. Heavy update from V2.0.
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Jan 11, 2023
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Probably the best water-based map out there (and one of the best in general). The visuals are absolutely stunning, from the brushwork to the lighting, especially the use of colored lighting. The opening underwater area of the map especially is just insane. There are all sorts of details, from drilling machines to bottles of wine, that give the map a real sense of place, and I love the way it transitions from water to blood/meat the closer you get to the end. The encounters are challenging and fun, taking into account what the map is trying to accomplish as more of a story/journey than a sequence of combat puzzles per se. There are lots of little elegant design touches that you'll notice throughout in terms of the player's pathing/where they're being led without being 'explicitly' led. This is also one of the entries in Zbidou72's continuous storyline with Null Bearing, VAB, and Twilight Meridian, which I absolutely love. I hope to see more narrative-based maps in the future. Also, I loved finding the secrets! This is a must-play.
Copying my previous review:

Woowwww this was neat. An adventure, like you say! Love the very distinct (and massive) areas. The environment lighting is quite a bit darker than "Quake standard", but cranking my gamma fixed that.

I always like ambitious use of underwater environments in Quake. Although it took me a second to figure out the ladders were "extras_r5 style" in how they worked! And generally items/vehicles made out of brushes (submarines etc.) is a thumbs up. :)

I did get stuck on finding the "air shaft" for a bit, but solved that through some spatial reasoning which felt good. The only puzzle-ish thing I really failed at, I think, was trying to get to the red armor just inside the main temple entrance. That one is a real mystery! (Although BTW it's kind of bogus that an invisible wall there blocks grenade-jumping.)

The final room is excellent, both the construction and also how you staged the waves. One bit of the fight was a little anti-climactic, where one of the last shamblers I had to kill was just way off on a staircase chilling by himself until I hunted him down... but that's the Quake AI for ya I guess.

This map won't be to everyone's taste but IMO you nailed what you were going for.