Jam Quake Brutalist Jam

An open community project that typically includes maps created within a period of time.
Renaming the zipfile as requested by Quaddicted contact to differentiate from old versions. There is otherwise no difference in the contents of this zip from last update.
Likely the final update. Changes from unijorse, mrtaufner, and porglezomp

-various fixes

- fixed an issue where a monster closet wouldn't activate
-changed title of map to exclude author name

- Improve teleporter visibility
- Elevator safety features (trigger_push for less accidental player squishing)
- Add door messages to the key/hand scanners
- Graphical improvements on the broken concrete
- Some rendering fixes
- Added a real skybox
- Added a hint on a door where people get stuck
- Included map source file
- Added some extra detail in the readme
Map updates from
-Pinchy: moved the lift trains 16 units away from falls so they don't clip, and slowed the exit bars to 40 to make them more noticeable.
-Rabbit: fixed several softlocks after feedback.
-Grue: fixed a softlock found by Colossus
-Stickflip: general updates

Also added a proper Readme file for QBJ.
A hotfix for errors, softlocks, typos, and feedback for maps from Rabbit, Strideh, Stickflip, iYago, dougm nyc [Grue], HrnekBezucha, and bmFbr
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Hotfix for Rabbit's and Grash's maps, soft locks and other issues addressed
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Fixed some typos on author and map names